It started with a simple idea: Create quality, well-designed products that I wanted myself.

Long-Sleeved Women T-shirt

  • Knitting material soft and airy
  • Slim body fitting form
  • Striped letters different color youthful color

Music headphones, gaming Gnet99

  • Gaming headset (7.1 surround sound emulation)
  • Unique serrated design
  • Led mode flashing according to each music bass

Super soft hug pillow funny for children.

  • The product has a convenient size.
  • Convenient for the baby to hold
  • Size: 60cm long

Teddy Bear Stuffed PP Cotton

  • Color: red blue
  • Material: cotton
  • Role: Panda dolls with traditional Chinese style

Vibrating Chairs, Have Music To Stimulate

  • The rocking chair has a seesaw and stand still.
  • There is a vibrator at the bottom of the chair
  • The chair adjusts to suit the postures

Table laptop Nhatvywood NVLP05

  • Rugged design
  • Made of natural wood
  • Made in Vietnam